Monday, 14 March 2011

Morning Stiffies!

Yes the title is supposed to grab attention! This shall be my first post on back muscle worries I think? So I had my first 'big' cycle yesterday! This morning I took my time getting up, stretching in bed to loosen out the back and everything seemed fine. It was only when I got up on the bike to go to work that I felt 'IT' - it being that tightness in the muscles on my lower left side. 

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I'm not a person who worries about much! I'm very much of the school of thinking - whatever happens, happens. You deal with it. That was my attitude when my doctor told me about my back. I've known my doctor all my life. She was more upset than I was about the news. There's no point getting upset or worried - you just have to accept you have it and get on with life!

My back muscles are a little different though! Well, not when I don't feel that strain in them, but as soon as I feel a strain in them - my mind automatically goes into my "oh no" zone. Very little goes in there. Other examples would be when batshit crazy drivers attempt to kill me. On Irish roads - this can happen a few times a week!

For me it's worse getting this feeling going to work as I'm going in there to more or less sit for the day and that's not good for my back. I really want to cycle this holiday in 95 days and my worry now is that similar events will conspire against me - months of effort and perceived progress, only for the back to go close to travel time. I hope I'm wrong. But that's my big worry.

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