Monday, 7 March 2011

Blue Monday

Well my weekend didn't quite go as planned! It was still a success mind! I just didn't get in the distance I wanted to. Friday saw a distance of around 14km done, Saturday saw a distance of 20km and Sunday saw 4km put in. I was a bit under the weather due to a persistent cough so distance wasn't on my mind. My mood was grey like the sky on Saturday.....

But I also put in my first proper shift in a gym environment in 11 months this weekend! It felt so good to be pushing myself with the weights again!

Body feels good after what was a tougher weekend than normal. Back just has a small bit of tension in it. I might go for a massage on Friday morning to loosen it up. I'll see how the week goes but with another gym session on Saturday it might be sensible to do.

Tomorrow you get a bonus blog! It will be my blog on my gear that I use! I'll try put together a few photos of what I use and just throw in a few bits and bobs of where I get stuff etc. It will take my mind off the Arsenal game tomorrow night!
Until then!

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