Thursday, 17 March 2011

Tuesday Blues..... sky blues that is!

Had my biweekly meeting with the old physical therapist Tuesday. She has a pair of magic hands I tell ya! While she does great work with my glute muscles (they seem to be my nemisis), her massages also show the fragile state of my back. My muscles around my lower back when massaged, send sharp pains right around the base of my spine where my discs are in trouble & my vertebrae are fused. It's scary that a gentle muscle massage causes consternation with my nerves. It's not a dull pain like getting rid of a muscle knot, it's sharp shooting instantaneous uncomfortable (how many adjectives can I fit in?!) pain. It makes me worried as to how bad my back situation is going to get. While the training work I'm doing currently is definitely benefitting my back muscles, my spine & nerves are never going to improve. And while day to day it's not something I worry about or even think about, small things like the brief massage which brings such acute pain down there does cause me worry for the (hopefully) distant future.

I suppose in a way it does worry me on some level...... that is afterall why I started this little experiment.

Ending on a slightly more positive note - my cycling legs are making a comeback! My calf muscles are back baby and my muscles in my thighs are developing well too! Huzzah!

Here's a little photo taken while cycling in the lovely sunshine on Tuesday:

Mirror photos always please me! I don't know why!

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