Sunday, 13 March 2011

Late Weeks

Late shift weeks are a pain in the arse. I prefer my cycles post work but when you finish at 2000 these aren't ideal due to lack of lighting in the areas that I cycle.
So that's really why I've no real training update for the week! But today I had quite a decent training session with my personal trainer. I'm very happy with the work we're doing. Building up the body again slowly but targeting the core and lower back seems to be doing the trick.
Have booked a massage for Tuesday to work out the slight tightness in my lower left back.

My blog on my gear is coming next week!  I just have the photos to take – the little piece is written.

Today I did my first 31km cycle in a long time.  Cycled on a tough road surface to Passage as not every path is going to be nice pedestrian/cycling tarmac.  I did that on the way home but where I lost out on a challenging road surface – I gained with a strong headwind on the route home.  It’s a nice route again beside the harbour entrance from Rochestown to Passage:

Sorry for the photo quality!  I was struggling slightly at this stage and didn’t want to get off the bike!  It’s not terrible quality for a motion iPhone picture!  Here's a slightly better one of the view just at the Passage end of the walk/cycle path:

I finished the cycle strongly.  I found a pack leader for a while!  He was going in my direction and I tailed him for a kilometer just to keep a constant pace with him.  Then I picked my moment like a true cycling great and went for the finish line.  My back held up well - no muscle twitching down in the lower back - my legs are still getting stamina back into them so they hurt for a little while coming off the saddle.  But all in all - a good day!

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