Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Like my 'church' - that is Arsenal Football Club - after a bad result, I generally keep quiet on the old media front. I had fully intended to up my training this month but my back, namely the old spine, has not been feeling good. My muscles are good for the first time in ages. My work with my personal trainer has paid BIG dividends and the muscle specific strength training I've done had aided me no end. However my spine is starting to feel worse and that was, is and will be my biggest problem.

I've decided that I put in a decent month and half training from mid February to the end of March. Maybe just rest the old body, not stop everything completely, and mid May after another holiday I have - start again and build for mid June and I should be able to push through my holiday! Here's hoping anyway.

Other than that, I've taken to the app 'instagram'! I've thrown a few of my cycling related pictures up on my picasa site. Check them out if you've time!


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