Monday, 20 February 2012

New Start........ again!

*blows off dust*

"cough cough"

*wipes away cobwebs*

Jaysus. Been a while since I was here. Did Annie Wan notice I was gone? No? Pffff. Screw you Annie Wan. Ok! Where to begin?! I suppose a catch up and answers as to why I disappeared and why I'm back!
If anyone is reading back over old entries you'll notice I was a self-proclaimed broken cyclist who was going on what was assumed to be his only ever cycle holiday due to the impending implosion of his back! Well! Funny story! The catscan that showed my back to be screwed...... was only hilarious tomfoolery! I changed doctor last May & I requested she refer me for an MRI scan. I went and got an MRI scan and this scan showed up hilarious TRUTH. My back is/was/still is fine. I have a sore back & very slightly bad back muscles due to my height. I even went to a specialist who told me I have a slightly protruding disc but I'm lucky since it is a straight out protrusion, not a side protrusion. Once I take care of it, I shouldn't have any issues. Leaving my stressful job at the end of last August also helped!

So! I did the cycle! It was amazing! I'll stick some photos in my Picasa album soon! Quick summary of the highs/lows:
I cycled from Copenhagen to Leuven
Absolutely none!!

It was amazing!

Life has gone on and I've honestly not done much in the way of training since coming back last July! I'm starting in the gym this week or next for the first time since April?! That will be fun!

Onto other life aspects, I started a masters course in Criminology in Cork last October. It's not as good as I was hoping it to be. Honestly? It's disappointing. There was very little info on the UCC website regarding it & it is more sociology than anything. Not sure what I'm hoping to get from it. More on that anon.

The reasons I'm starting to write again.

I have a thesis this year! I want to just be in the habit of writing. I did an essay on prostitution in January, which was my only bit of coursework thus far. I'll post that as well soon. I think while I'm keeping the broken cyclist mantra, this blog will be more a rambling of my loves, likes, points of view and commentary on stuff in general! My aims are to update bi-weekly, but I'll be happy with weekly! So to give an overview of my loves and likes:
Love: Arsenal, music, photography, namely Instagram,
Like: Criminology as a topic. Course can do with some improving! Politics. Europe. Travelling.
There is more but….. it’s early and I’m yawning and I’m sure I’ll be figuring this out as I go along! ….Starting again this Saturday!

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