Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Musical Mutterings

Bit of a quieter musical muttering this week. More of a musical mumble cough *tumbleweed* blog! My music listening has not stopped, fear not dear reader, but I have no new albums to review this week. My musical choices were inspired by what would get my legs pumping hardest on my new bicycle! Disc 2 of Garage Inc. was a definite leg mover! My top 5 listenings for the last week were:

Queens of the Stone Age
Green Day

I am a big fan of Idlewild and I am disappointed they never made it as big as they should have. They’ve released some sublime musical offerings over their career (currently on hiatus) yet never managed to break into the upper echelons of the musical halls. They’ve had their own cult following which thankfully, was big enough to keep them together for over a decade. Their last album, ‘Post Electric Blues’, was a brilliant album and it was funded solely by fans (like me) paying in advance of its making to finance the recording! You see music industry? People are willing to pay for music. Good music. And pay more than you charge for shit. Take note.

On another muttering note, I saw an amazing bit of news from Queens of the Stone Age the other day. Not only are they back recording a new album, but Dave Grohl is back on drums! For those in the not know - check out the album Songs for the Deaf from 2002 - masterpiece. He has always said Josh Homme is the only man who can persuade him to sit behind the kit. I was lucky enough to see Grohl from afar behind the kit when I saw QotSA play in 2001 and 2002 at a festival, but even more lucky to get a ticket to Them Crooked Vultures in Hammersmith Apollo in 2010. I was right up front and watching Grohl bash that kit was an amazing experience. Getting close to the legend that is John Paul Jones was also nice! This week I shall be getting my hands on two new albums so more to musically mutter about next week. Hopefully I shall have a few of the other projects I’m writing about nearer to completion also. Waiting for a book to come into my library for one project and editing two more! Been a bit quiet here on the old blog this last week but that should change soon!

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